Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vaccines and Depopulation

There seems to be a lot of concern about Vaccines lately. Especially the so called Swine Flu and it's various forms. A lot of conspiracy theories are floating around that the elite are planning to use vaccines to reduce the population down to a "manageable" level.

Fact: There is a lot of potentially damaging compounds in many vaccines.

Fact: Big Pharmas have knowingly released contaminated products.

Fact: Many elites talk about the need to dramatically reduce the population of the globe.

A bad mix? You decide. Let's also ask a few American Indians about the new blankets they just traded the red coats for...

I know there are a lot of videos attached on this one, you might want to watch a few and come back later. Some subjects brought up will be explored in depth at a later date on this blog.

Also take note that the author of this blog post worked with the CDC and State Bio Defense agencies briefly after 911. There are many great people who really do care about the publics health working in government. I hope their well meaning efforts and their faith in the proper function of government is not misplaced.

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Joseph Moshe, Baxter, and Poland

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A little Bit on the Codex and Food Control

Of Course, A Rockefeller is in the Mix for all you Conspiracy People

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US General and Others Comment on Depopulation

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