Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lindsey Williams

Lindsey Williams is a Baptist Pastor / pilot who worked as a missionary on the Alaskan Pipeline project during the 70ies. There he claimed to have met some of the global elite who pull the strings and manipulate the world behind the scenes. He has sense relayed information about what is going to happen in the world that a few of inside contacts relate to him. Is Lindsey legit? You decide. Normally I would dismiss these types of claims out of hand, but Lindsey's insider predictions have been surprisingly accurate.

** Update 3/21/2011 **

** Update ** More from 2011/03/09 **

** Update ** More from 2011/03/01


Hat tip to the following blog for the videos I'm not sure I endorse that blog as I can't figure out if it is anti-semitic or not (the author of EsotericKNO is both away of insider manipulations that happened to form Israel but is still very pro-Israel as ultimately my stance is that even if evil men were involved they are fulfilling God's design to restore Israel which has happened before our eyes). I am pro-Israel either way.

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Syndrome of Control

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